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ouat meme: [3/10] characters - Emma Swan

"I feel all shadows of the universe multiplied deep inside my skin."

Virginia Woolf, From a diary entry dated 5 November 1931 (via mirroir)
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JMo + Allison Cameron

teamcga ouat gif battle | season one
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“Colin – I mean I get along great with everybody on set but I just spent a lot of time this season working with Colin – and we get along great and we have such a good time on set. And we’ve just become such comrades on those adventures…” 

- Jennifer Morrison (x)


i dont trust people who dont let their dogs or cats on the furniture u are mean u are cold hearted

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Something’s happening…I got this sudden rushing feeling, like we’re running out of time.

Emma Swan + every episode - 101 pilot

"Of course you’re not [..Pinocchio], because that would be ridiculous. “